Radio silence ends here!  I’ve been a bit busy the last few weeks working on this:


We’ve been crazy busy writing and adapting and changing scenes, choreographing the fights, rehearsing the fights, finding costumes, finding props, creating posters, rehearsing some more, sweating, figuring out budgets, choosing music, sharing on Facebook and Twitter (#theyfightfringe), and still more rehearsing!  The entire team has been working so hard to create an amazing piece of theatre and I hope that everyone comes out and sees this show!

We are in venue #1, the Spriet Family Theatre — a place that is very close to my heart, as it’s the home of Original Kids Theatre Company!  (However, even though I’ve worked in the Spriet many, many times, this will be my first time performing there myself!)

Tickets are $10 each, and everyone must have a Backer Button to support the Fringe, which can be purchased at any of the London Fringe venues ($5 for adults, $1 for children under 12).  If you want to buy tickets to our show in advance, click here!

For more details, you can visit the London Fringe website here!  Happy Fringe-ing!

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