Curse of the Cobra’s Kiss

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, get on it!  Our 12 pm matinee is already sold out!


By Craig Sodaro. By Arrangement with Pioneer Publishing.

Director:  Kerry Hishon

Spriet Family Theatre, Covent Garden Market Mezzanine

Oct. 22, 25, 28 at 7pm. Oct. 25 at Noon. Oct. 22 at 2pm. Special late show: Oct. 28 at 10pm

Our lucky audience will participate by assisting the great Belgian detective, Hercules Porcchop, to solve the most puzzling murder mystery of the 1920s. The discovery of the ancient Egyptian tomb of King Rottenlux brings together a collection of the world’s most illustrious people at Professor Tommy Towers’ lavish estate: his wife, his jealous secretary, his graduate assistant, his slacker nephew and his pair of nasty girlfriends, a ruthless Hollywood director, two revenge-seeking starlets, and a mysterious fortune teller. A sudden and shocking death by poisonous cobra, and a visitation and murder by a spirit from the ancient days start a spine-tingling series of unpredictable murders ,the solution for which falls into the hands of British sleuth Jessica Maples, the aforementioned  M. Porcchop – and YOU the audience. The ride is wild, until you all capture the clever killer (if you do!)
(Family Entertainment. 95 minutes)

These kids are amazing — they’ve been working SO hard.  The show is hilarious, and you get to guess whodunit!  Why wouldn’t you want to come?!

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